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'GENCO" Diesel Fuel Pump Test Bench has designed for most versetile genral purposes. It is designed & manufacture to meet the various test requirements of modern Fuel Injection pumps i.e. single to multi cylinder inline (upto 10mm plunger dia), distributor rotary type manufactured by MICO, Bosch ,Lucas and others.

The product have been designed very simply without any complications in electrical circuits and mechanical components as resulting maintenance free except proper lubrication in movable parts even which are well balanced and hardened. The benches are Quieter in operation without vibration even at high R.P.M. due to their heavy and rigid steel structure. All the models have Quick control of R.P.M. variation with exact stability from both the sides of the test bench for R.H.S. & L.H.S. driven pumps.

"GENCO " only a test bench, has all the good running characteristics i.e. highly effective input power, adequate driven power and high torgue even at low speed also, exact speed variation with stability, stiffed and non-distorting bed. precise stroke counting and accurate quality graduated glass panel are assured for achieving the accurate specified measurement values of the fuel injection pumps, Governors, Injection timers and Feed Pumps for the better performance of an engine. It is very easy in operation, competitive low cost and accurate results in a shortest possible time. The convenience of operator has been given top priority for a trouble free & smooth running.