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CRDI 800E / EDC 800 E
Drive A. C. Frequency Drive
Main Motor 5 H. P. Or 7.5 H.P. 3 phase, 415V, 50 cycles.
No. Of Cylinders 8 cylinders
Tachometer Electronic digital 0-9999 R.P.M. with the accuracy of 1 R.P.M.
Stroke counter 100-1200 strokes (in steps of 100 strokes).
Fuel supply By soundless gear pump.
Fuel pump motor 1 H.P., 3 phase, 415V, 50 Cycles.
Pressure & vac cum Gauges 0-100 lbs/in2 (0-7 kg/cm2)
0-500 lbs/in2 (0-35 kg/cm2)
0-200 lbs/in2 (0-14 kg/cm2)&
0-30 ln/Hg (0-760 mm/Hg)
Speed range 60-4000 R.P.M. In both directions CW & ACW.
Test injectors 8 Nos. fitted with calibrating nozzles set at a standard pressure.
Phasing Pressure phasing recorded on degree dial.
Fuel tank 45-50 litre.
Simulator CRT - 5000 in CRDI 800-E EDC-7000 in EDC 800 E (For Details See Overleaf)