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Ultrasonic Cleaners
Our wide range of Ultrasonic Cleaners are used for removing dirt, dust, grease, buffing compounds, carbon deposits, flux, plating salt, blood stains and other contaminants. These find application in automotive, sporting, printing, marine, medical, pharmaceutical and others industries.

These ultrasonic cleaners are boon for diesel fuel injection pump service stations & involved in auto garages to clean the carbon clogged nozzles of diesel injectors and petrol fuel injectors fitted in MPFI petrol/gasoline engines. This ultrasonic cleaner is very helpful in cleaning pencil nozzles of common rail CRDI injectors, which has very small holes & cannot be opened with traditional methods. Solvent Is used as cleansing media In all the models.
Ultrasonic cleaners are available with different capacities upto 10 litres and above.