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Washing Tanks
We are manufacturing Nozzle Grinding Machine & Washing Tanks that are used for cleaning automotive components, industrial equipments and others with the help of kerosene or diesel. spray chambers is a life saving equipment, which eliminates pollution by vanishing the atomised particles of diesel/calibrating oil spread out in the air, while testing the injectors in open conditions, i.e. without protection.

Motorized Double Washing Tank
With the help of our experienced workforce, we are designing and developing a wide range of Motorized Double Washing Tank MDW-2. These are available in various sizes and dimensions. Further, our range is offered at industry leading prices. Double washing tank has two compartments, chamber number one is meant for manual pre wash when the pump and components are clinged with stubborn soil and dirty oil. After cleaning in chamber no 1, components can be cleaned in compartment no 2, here you will get pressurized filtered oil pumped through hand gun and motorized pump is creating enough pressure of oil flow which can be controlled through a control valve. This high pressure jet is sprayed through the hand gun on the dirty parts to be cleaned and the same can be viewed through glass clear unbreakable acrylic tiltable window.